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sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

André DeMarco, One Man Band

“Acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion and voice ...All at the same time!”

Musician for 11 years, played on several bands, and lately develops his solo work – One Man Band. In this project, plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion with the legs, and sings, all at the same time. It is kind of a band of a single person, and as a result, an experimental work!

In his solo performances, uses a handmade percussion. He plays with his feet like a drummer. On the right foot touches a bass drum and the left one triggers a cymbal. Other than that, have a set of percussion (rattle, cowbell, tambourine, bongo, jessé and a plate), which he uses for the songs to give more effect.

In his set list, there is Classic rock, Brazilian rock and Blues. Always highlighting B-side songs. Also in his repertoire, plays MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) with new arrangements, as the project Chico Blues-Arque (blues versions of Chico Buarque's songs)

The show is full of new arrangements and improvisations. But to know how it is really like, just watching it live!

In 2012, the multi-instrumentalist will release his first solo album with authorial music. Totally independent and produced with free software. He is recording all the instruments himself, and there will be some special guests.

For those of you who liked my music and live outside of Brazil, there is a great opportunity to watch me live on the internet. I'm doing some presentations on Twitcam of Twitter.
At the moment I am with no date set ... Soon, I will make a presentation.
To know more, please contact me.

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